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Tri-City Electrical Contractors, Inc. has established a scholarship program for dependents and/or grandchildren of Tri-City employees to provide financial assistance while attending college, in honor of Charles “Chuck” McFarland, CFO from 1995-2014.

Award Amounts:

The Company will award to two eligible students scholarships as defined below:

Two eligible high school seniors will be awarded the Scholarship each year, with $2,500 disbursed to each recipient each year for up to four years of undergraduate study, for a maximum total disbursement to each recipient of $10,000.00. To continue entitlement, each academic year recipients must submit a copy of their grades and remain a full-time undergraduate student in good standing at an accredited college or university (including community colleges).


To be eligible for funding, candidates must meet the following requirements:

Be a dependent and/or grandchild of a current Tri-City Electrical Contractors, Inc. employee.
Be a senior at or graduate of an accredited high school.

Exclusion: Dependents and/or grandchildren of Tri-City Electrical Contractors, Inc. shareholders are not eligible for the Scholarship.

Award Decisions:

Eligible candidates will be considered for the scholarship based on academic achievement, community/school service, citizenship, and character references from employers and high school faculty. Applications will be evaluated by an independent educator who is engaged by the Company to perform this task.

Application Process:

Applications will be accepted to the fund from January 1 to February 28 each year, with award announcements made no later than March 31.

For an application package, please contact Jane Hodges at (407) 788-3059, ext. 1101, e-mail or click here to download the scholarship application.

Helpful Hints

APPLY. You can’t get the scholarship if you don’t submit the written application.
MEET DEADLINES. Submit the application and all required documentation by the deadline. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted or considered.
FILL OUT THE APPLICATION YOURSELF. You should fill out the application, possibly with assistance from parents or teachers or a high school counselor. All written statements must be in the student’s own words. The evaluator can tell if students have not written their own statements and will not consider applications about which there is doubt.
ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. Do not leave any blanks. If a section does not apply, write “Does not apply.”
SHOW HOW YOU MEET THE CRITERIA. The criteria for the Tri-City scholarship are: academic achievement, community/school service, citizenship, and character. Be sure to complete those sections of the application. The required official grade transcript and letters of reference will also show how the applicant meets the criteria. Applicants can also show how they meet the criteria in their personal essays.
BE TRUTHFUL. Answer all questions truthfully, even if you think a less-than-truthful answer would be better. Falsified applications will be disqualified.
COMPLETE ALL FORMS. Be sure all parts of the application, including additional forms such as transcripts, letters of reference, and written statements, are completed and submitted on time. Do not plan to submit some parts later; incomplete applications will not be considered.
TYPE ALL FORMS. All written statements must also be typed. The only exception is your signature, which must be handwritten.
GET APPROPRIATE LETTERS OF REFERENCE. This is an excellent opportunity to show how you meet the criteria. Tell your reference what the letter is for and provide information so that he/she can write an appropriate letter. Some people to ask:

Employers, current and/or former
Supervisor for any volunteer work you are doing/have done

Ask persons who can discuss your academic/extracurricular/work experiences, not just friends, neighbors, or relatives who know you as a nice person. Do not ask persons who have important positions simply because of their positions unless they also know you because of your school/work experiences. Be sure to tell references the deadlines for submitting the letter. All letters of reference must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the signature of the writer written across the seal. All letters of reference must accompany the application.