Safety & Training


Attracting and retaining the best people is the key to success of any business. From the very beginning, Tri-City has exhibited a keen commitment to providing its employees with real opportunities for growth through comprehensive, on-going training and one of the best apprenticeship programs in the industry. In fact, in Central Florida,  Tri-City has more apprentices in the Florida Electrical Apprenticeship & Training program (FEAT)  than all other area contractors combined! The investment in training yields visible results — producing a workforce that is capable, reliable, highly motivated and skilled in the latest technology. To further the importance of training, Tri-City practices a strong “promote from within” policy. As a result, most field and project managers have risen through the ranks and have gained a deep appreciation for the value of well-trained craftspeople in the effective, efficient application of their trade.

Training Building inside classTri-City’s ongoing investment in training offers customers the added dividend of exceptional safety performance. As part of its Safety Incentive Program, the company employs a full-time Director of Safety and Training as well as specialized safety personnel in division offices. Based on the highly-trained efforts of Tri-City’s field and management team, Tri-City’s strategic plan is to always improve over the previous year  and its goal is to be the recognized leader for safety in the area and a “Zero Accident Lifestyle.”

All of Tri-City’s job sites are carefully prepared for OSHA visits and inspections.  As a result of the entire Company’s responsibility for and efforts toward jobsite safety, Tri-City’s incident rate has improved to 1.39 with  an outstanding lost time rate of 0.26 in 2018. EMR for 2015 is 0.70.

Tri-City has achieved the prestigious Platinum Level National ABC Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) Award, another great example of Tri-City’s commitment to job safety for all employees.  Due to our concentrated safety efforts and results, Tri-City was the recipient of the prestigious Amerisure Safety Resource Grant in 2011.