2014 ABC EIC Awards!

Tri-City received three Eagle Awards and two Awards of Merit at the Central Florida Chapter Excellence in Construction Awards banquet in November. Princess Fairytales (PM Robert Winterhalter, Supt. Pete Davis), The Villas at the Grand Floridian (PMs Tom Hentz & Enrique Perez, Supts. Jim Curll & Anthony Harmon) and the Florida Hospital Women’s Pavilion EOB (PM Dave Sweat, Supt. Ted Stanton) all received Eagle Awards.  Awards of Merit were given to the Four Seasons Resort-Disneyworld Project (PM John Ferro, Supt. Rick Walt) and Northview Student Housing (PM Ken Curcio, Supt. Cory Emery).  Congratulations to all our outstanding craftsmen and craftswomen who worked on these award- winning projects!

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